Motorway Training post L Test

Driving School in Basildon and Wickford



Congratulations on passing your “L”Test and we wish you safe driving. Further motorway training can immensely help you to become even more confident and defensive driver. The benefits are:


• Enabling you to gain quality driving experience safely. Our Instructor holds advanced qualifications in Driving. Click this link or visit


• You will become a more skillful driver, with better planning skills


• A positive driving style…….both enjoyable and safe.


• Reducing your risk of being involved in a road crash.


50 mph motorway restriction


At Farrah Driver Training you will get the best training from a DVSA Fleet Registered Instructor & Coach



Your instructor will check your licence and eyesight. Also explain the benefits of doing the training and what you will achieve in completing this course.


Two Hour Session On the Motorway (M25 & M11)


• As a learner you have never been exposed to a motorway. Motorways have their own set of rules and signs. Topics covered will include:


• Planning your journey


• Joining and leaving a motorway


•Safe speed in different circumstances


• Effective observations, scanning near, middle and far distance.


• Signs, signals and marking.


• 2 hours of solid training on the M25 & M11.


The Instructor will also cover how to deal with:

• Fatigue, how to avoid and what action to take.


• Use of hazard warning lights


• Motorway debris


• Breakdown procedure, including how to deal with an off-side tyre puncture or blow- out.


• Overtaking and lane discipline. Overtaking is one of the most dangerous manoeuvres, get it right first time


• Crosswinds

Smart Motorways and the use of Hard Shoulder

This training is also suitable for qualified drivers who need refresher training.



There is no Test to be done, assessment will be done by your Instructor.   Positive and constructive feedback will be given to you by Tariq, DVSA Fleet instructor.

I will need to see your full UK Driving Licence prior to starting your training.  You must have this in your possession.


Cost to You?

An average person usually spends between £800 – £1200 in motorway driving lessons, in preparing to pass the “L” Test. Our structured course is £100.00.