Terms & Conditions

Driving School in Basildon and Wickford


Provision of the Training

We require at least *24 hours notice if you wish to cancel your lesson. Failure to do so, will result in an equivalent charge being made

The school will provide the Client with the relevant training in consideration for a price.

The instructor is bound by a code of professional conduct and will be polite, courteous and tidy at all times.

I will not be held liable for mechanical breakdowns of vehicle, strikes by the DVSA staff, Act of God or civil riots, epidemic, pandemic, major flooding

I will endeavour to be punctual at all times. Due to heavy traffic at certain times of the day, any lessons which the instructor is late will be made up to the agreed time as previously booked.


The Client’s obligations for driving a motor vehicle owned by Farrah Driver Training.

The client must hold a current, valid driving licence ( provisional or full) which must be produced to the instructor on or in advance of the first driving lesson.

The Client must be able to read a vehicle’s index number from a distance of 20.5 metres (67 feet) with glasses if normally worn.

The Client must ensure that he/she is in a fit and proper state to drive a motor vehicle. At no time under training is the client under the influence of alcohol or medication which prohibits the use of machinery or driving a mechanically propelled vehicle that may affect his/her ability to drive.

If at any time, in the instructor’s absolute discretion, considers that the client is not in a fit state to drive safely, then the instructor may stop the Training Session. No refunds will be given for the training session.

Corvid -19 Risk Assessment.

  • If the pupil has had symptoms in the last 7 days or has been in contact with someone who has within the last 14 days, the pupil MUST NOT BOOK LESSONS WITH FARRAH DRIVER TRAINING
  • *Cancelling your driving lesson on the day, due to Corvid-19 symptoms, the pupil will NOT BE ABLE TO HAVE LESSONS FOR 2 WEEKS
  • Pupil to wash their hands prior to entering the training vehicle.  Hand sanitiser is kept inside the car if this is not possible
  • Lesson briefing will be done outside the car, weather permitting
  • In the event of the instructor having to grab the steering wheel, the pupil will be asked to pull up safely on the left.  The steering wheel will be wiped
  • Face to face contact inside the car will be avoided
  • Window ( instructor’s side) will be partially be left open
  • Car will be santised before and every lesson

Client’s obligations for taking a DVSA Practical Test.

The instructor will inform the client when in his professional opinion considers the client to be ready to take the test.

If a client is not ready for the practical test and still wishes to go ahead, the client must make his or her own vehicle arrangements. The school will not be in a position to provide a vehicle.

If the DVSA cancels the clients test due to sickness of staff at very short notice, the client will still have to indemnify Farrah Driver Training the cost of the agreed time booked for the test.

A claim can be made to the DVSA. Details of which will be provided by your instructor. During the Practical Test, the client will be responsible for the vehicle and not the DVSA Examiner. In an unfortunate event of a RTC (road traffic crash) the client will reimburse Farrah Driver Training an insurance excess of £250 if it is proved that the client was at fault.


Price and Payment

Payment can be made in cash, cheque or Paypal For cash payment, an invoice will be made up for a block of lessons. For pay as you go driving lessons, each lesson will be signed off in the pupils progress card and the amount paid inserted in the card.

Guarantor in consideration for the School (Farrah Driver Training) providing the training to the Client (minors under 18 years of age) the Guarantor agrees to guarantee all obligations under these Terms and Conditions and to indemnify the School against any default by the Client under these terms and conditions.







When booking an intensive course, you are buying the instructors time. This means that you are being given priority over other pupils. The instructor does not take on any other work because of the commitment given to you, the Client who has booked the intensive course. So please make sure that whoever is paying is familiar with the refund policy and fully understands the implications. This is especially important if the Client is under 18 years of age.


Personal Property

The Client is responsible for the safe keeping of their property whilst having a driving lesson. These include i-phones, your keys, etc. Although if you, meaning the Client does leave your phone or keys we will return your property to you.


Zero Tolerance Policy.

I am a  professional in my own right, providing a service to DVSA standards and guidelines. I will not tolerate acts of aggression, verbal abuse or any form of dangerous driving. I am  here to guide you and for you  to become independently safe drivers for life. Any client who becomes verbally abusive or aggressive, the instructor will cease the lesson and terminate all contracts.


Complaints Procedure.

Any issues that the Client is not happy with must first and foremost be dealt with your Instructor, either after your lesson by email or in writing. We will respond to your complaint within 7 working days.

If for any reason you remain dissatisfied, you may refer to the DVSA:

The Registrar DVSA Stanley House 56, Talbot St Nottingham NG1 5GU.

At a Local Level: Essex County Council Trading Standards Tel: 01245 341800 Advice Line: 01245 341888

There are no refunds given on intensive courses.   Please think very carefully before booking an intensive Driving Lessons Course.

Driving Licence check

The driving licence counterpart was abolished on 08th June 2015.

A driving licence now simply consists of a photo card.

This means that your ADI (Driving instructor) cannot check what categories of vehicles you can drive, or what endorsements you have….

As a condition of having lessons with Farrah Driver Training you need to bring with you on your first lesson:

Your photo card licence

National insurance number

Post code for your address

Your Driving instructor will then visit https://www.gov.uk/view-driving-licence

The Driving instructor will enter the details you have supplied.

The web page will be saved as a screenshot so that it has been evidenced of making the entitlement check.
Plastic driving licence